Please share your thoughts on Redmond's Resiliency.  

Our working definition:

Ensuring that the community, as a whole, is prepared for, able to adapt to, and can recover effectively from disruptive conditions.


  • City processes and procedures have the flexibility to pivot and respond quickly to the unpredictable and react/act when needed, including preparing, educating, mitigating, adapting, and managing risk.
  • Identifying essential services and vulnerable systems and populations prior to and during emergencies.
  • Having multiple paths and backup systems to achieve community goals, with outcomes and vision more important than how that is accomplished.
  • Designing and building our community for longevity and flexibility from the start.
  • Harnessing information and communications technology in service of the above objectives.

Share your thoughts/stories:

  • What does Resiliency mean to you?  What does Resiliency mean to your experiences in our community?  
  • How can we improve our community's Resiliency?
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