Equity and Inclusion

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Please share your thoughts on how Equity & Inclusion is (or should be) reflected in Redmond's built environment. 

Our working definitions:

Equity - The City provides all community members with equal and effective city services, resources, opportunities, and influence so that all people achieve their full potential and thrive. Equity is a purposeful and eager journey toward well-being as defined by those most negatively impacted.

Inclusion - The City treats all people respectfully; values all people for their distinctive skills, experiences, and perspectives; engages all people to contribute to the community’s success; and leverages resources and city services where needed.


  • To ensure that all people are meaningfully engaged to shape city policies and processes.
  • To include, accommodate, and empower groups of people who have historically been excluded because of their gender, race and/or ethnicity, LGBTQIA+, age, religion, disabilities, or their socioeconomic, immigration, or veteran status, or as a member of any historically marginalized group.
  • To apply an equity process in all facets of planning to eliminate socioeconomic disparities.
  • To identify and remediate inequitable policies, processes, or regulations and remove barriers to equity and inclusion.
  • To create equitable intergenerational, geographic, and process outcomes.

Share your Stories:

  • What does Equity & Inclusion mean to you?  What does Equity & Inclusion mean to your daily experiences in our community?  
  • How can we improve Equity & Inclusion through our built and natural environment?
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