What is a Neighborhood Park?

    Neighborhood parks in Redmond are intended to provide recreational space to nearby residents and employees, who typically walk or roll to the community space. They are smaller in size, ranging from two to five acres.

    The unique character of each site helps determine appropriate features, which may include small scale active recreation amenities, open fields, tree canopy, trails, community gardens, picnic areas, children’s playgrounds, plazas, public art, decorative landscaping, and passive areas for reflection and gathering.

    Typically, neighborhood parks do not provide restrooms or parking beyond on-street parking.

    What will go in the Southeast Redmond Park?

    This is what we are seeking input on from you!

    The park will provide recreation opportunities that are complementary to what already exists within the neighborhood and broader park system. Most neighborhood parks in Redmond offer a combination of active recreation (playground, sports courts) and passive recreation (seating areas, walking trails).

    Share with us your feedback to help select the details for what best supports your needs.  A questionnaire and public meetings will be happening during this master plan process.  Sign up to get updates on the project or visit this space to see when these feedback opportunities are available. 

    What is a park master plan?

    The master plan is a vision for the layout and features of the future park space. It includes the types of features and amenities the future park will have, such as walking trails, picnic areas, and play features.  

    When will the Southeast Redmond Park be built?

    First, the park must be planned with input from the community and then the master plan adopted by Council. Once approved, city staff plan to request funding from City Council during the 2024/2025 budget process. If budget for the design and construction is approved, construction could begin soon after.

    What are Redmond's Parks and Recreation's priorities for new parks?

    After the adoption of the ADA Transition Plan in 2019, all new and renovated parks in Redmond prioritize accessibility for all abilities. This includes ADA accessible paths and park equipment like benches, as well as inclusively designed playgrounds.

    The Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP) will also guide the development of this park. As an example, the ESAP calls for resilient landscape design that can adapt to Washington’s changing climate and to consider sustainable maintenance practices for any planned element.