Creating a Park Master Plan

A park master plan is a vision for the layout and features of the future park space. It includes the types of features and amenities the future park will have, such as walking trails, picnic areas, and play features (see the example below from the Westside Park Master Plan, completed in 2019).

What these features will be will depend on what we hear from the community, what is possible on the site, and what will complement what is already in the neighborhood and the existing park system.

Generally, neighborhood parks in Redmond are intended to provide recreational space to nearby residents and employees, who typically walk or roll to the community space. They are smaller in size, ranging from two to five acres.

The unique character of each site helps determine appropriate features, which may include small scale active recreation amenities, open fields, tree canopy, trails, community gardens, picnic areas, children’s playgrounds, plazas, public art, decorative landscaping, and passive areas for reflection and gathering. Typically, neighborhood parks do not provide restrooms or parking beyond on-street parking.

A questionnaire and public meetings will be happening during this master plan process. Sign up to get updates and let your neighbors know about the project! Or visit this space to see when these feedback opportunities are available.

An example of a Park Master Plan. This was the preferred plan the community created for the Westside Neighborhood Park in 2019.

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