About the Community Sounding Board

In addition to engaging the community in this discussion, the City formed a volunteer community Sounding Board to provide feedback on the Comprehensive Public Safety Plan and help us better understand the community’s priorities and values around public safety services.

The goal of this group was to engage in focused discussions with community members from a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds and collectively provide input, feedback, and recommendations over seven meetings. Meetings included presentations from Redmond’s Fire and Police Chiefs, priority ranking exercises, and in-depth discussions and Q&A around the City’s emergency services, plan components, community needs, potential funding mechanisms, and the cost of the plan.

Sounding Board members included LouAnn Ballew, Roy Captain, Dr. Neelam Chahlia, Doug Fischels, Joy Randall, Larry Gilmore, Lindsay Graves, Jennifer Karls, Cecilia Martinez-Vasquez, and Hank Margeson.

Meeting documents are available under the “Sounding Board Document Library” section.

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