What's happening now?

17 Apr 2020

At this stage in the planning process, the City is evaluating which projects are preferred by the community, effective at restoring the watershed, cost-effective, and feasible to implement.

The City is reintroducing the watershed restoration plan and will soon present the top watershed improvement projects to the community. The City will seek feedback from the community on these projects and have one-on-one conversations with adjacent neighbors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project team will focus on online methods to inform and receive feedback from you.

The City will consider a variety of projects, which might include:

  • Retrofitting existing stormwater storage ponds or vaults.
  • Adding low impact development (LID) approaches, such as rain gardens, bioswales or Filterra systems.
  • Installing in-stream habitat enhancements.
  • Restoring natural areas.

Once these projects are implemented, the City will monitor project areas to measure the effectiveness of the restoration efforts.

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Current consultation has concluded. Future consultations will continue here.

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