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Next Steps for Redmond 2050

Redmond is transitioning from a suburb to a city.  

The City is reviewing all of the ways Redmond should plan and build for the next few decades. Planning for growth helps us build a city that meets the needs of the community and reflects the vision for how the community will look and function.  

Redmond 2050 is an update to city policies and regulations to meet the needs of the community in the next decades.  

We have identified policies that need to be updated or created to advance the Redmond 2050 themes of equity, sustainability, and resiliency in Redmond.

We are seeking community feedback to ensure that the updates we are making are aligned with these goals, as well as with the priorities of the Redmond community.

Community Character and Historic Preservation

The community character and historic preservation element of the Redmond Comprehensive Plan provides the foundation for maintaining Redmond’s distinctive character through infrastructure, programming, and zoning. The policies address topics such as the design of streets and pathways, public view corridors, entryways, and the preservation of historic sites and structures.

We are considering the following topic: 

CCHP-B: Update policies for design standards to better reflect the themes of equity and inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency.